And The Rhythm Releases Me . . . . .

. . .

I had a death wish - 
at the back of my mind.
I was thrift store shoppin' 
for a suicide find.
Walking a street between
hell and divine,
Joie de vivre was no friend of mine!

Belladonna babies 
were calling my name.
Ever since they *aped me
I just haven't been the same.
Worthlessness wakes me up each day.
I pretend it's all a lie, -
but I'm not okay

Creatures of the night
understand my plight.
We party at the Pyramid club
'till the morning light.
Dress and expression
is our confession,
healing my fear 
and ugly obsession.
Free to express the truth at last,
I purge the pain from my past.

And the rhythm - releases me.
When I dance
I become so free.
Flashing colors 
flood my mind.
I awaken to my soul
and a love divine.
The beat - it teaches me
to flow, to groove,
to be so free.
The rhythm -
shows me how to move,
I just let my body do what
it wants to do.

Children of the night, -
together we play.
Freedom is our light, -
dancing our way.
Gathering at the club,
our temple of desire,
to let the music and our love

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