Jewels for eyes, 
she's nobodies child
and the world looks too big to conquer.
She has a heart that cries, - 
a little baby inside,
with a voice that lives to haunt her.

Marlene,  Marlene,
selling yourself for the American dream.
You try and try,
 but it's never enough. -
Can't make it all alright,
Can't fill a heart with stuff.

She takes his hurt,
it means he's there.
  It's the closest she's had to care.
He's got his hands around her neck -
too raging to protect,
his broken eyes see only neglect.
She wants a daddy -
his love to connect.

You have so much strength,
so much beauty and grace,
A power inside you
no sadness can erase.
Marlene,  Marlene -
you're looking in the wrong place. -
Another car,
Another man,
Another wad of cash in your hand.
Selling your body,
but is it ever enough?
Does it make you feel alright?
Can you fill a heart with "stuff"?

Your light it dazzles -
it shimmers and sings.
Your laughter tells of the joy it brings.
Marlene,  Marlene,
your power you can't hide.
Marlene,  Marlene,
you'll find it all inside -
All the riches,
All the kings,
All the love your heart brings,
Marlene in you it lies.

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