Ms. Miserable

. . .

. . .

Ms. Miserable,
Ms. Miserable,
What's your proble?,
Ms. Miserable?

She's a wicked Queen
with a teenage dream
of rockin' her life away.
A bitch on wheels
'cause she knows how it feels
to want to die again today.

She's the tongue- in-cheek
flavor of the week,
A super-combo of pain and freak.
Dancin' to the stereo,
the music rocks her soul-to-go.
Kindness is what she seeks.

Another dismal day,
but that's okay.
Her problem's ain't what they seem.
Her mind's a trickster
who's never fixed her.
Please ignore it's awful dream.

The sky's twilight blue
and it's there just for you
to kiss as you walk by.
The tears in your eyes
mean you don't realize,
it's Love that will get you high.

Ms. Miserable,
Ms. Miserable,
The beauty you are is true.
Ms Miserable,
 there's nothing you and your soul can't do.



2 responses to “Ms. Miserable”

  1. Beautiful poetry during a tough time of year. Hope your doing okay my friend.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks Rishi. Joy and deep sorrow, beauty and pain. – Doing the best I can to flow through it all. I hope you are okay as well. 🙂


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