Ultra Girl

Ultra girl got dropped on her head 
After the Nazis programmed her "dead".
Shell shocked and shattered, she wanted to die;
Drag queens and punk rock helped keep her alive.
She learned to question authority,
- Her love and pain never hide.

Crystals tuned her up - Light Beings, too.
Their energy of love helped calm the trauma she'd been through.
She took 12 steps to a sweeter life
And came out of isolation, self hatred, and strife.
Nature kissed her confusion away 
And calmed her inner chaos when buried memories came to play.

Her creativity started to bloom.
Painting and poetry gave feelings new room.
A lost child within her had stories to tell
Of porn and pedophiles in a swastika hell.
Her flesh spoke volumes in sensation and pain
As memories surfaced in her body and brain.
Ultra girl feared she was insane.

Hang on, sweet one,
Please love yourself today.
The grief seems unending,
But it heals the pain away.
Please let it out, - all the tears and the rage,
All the horrors remembered, - page after page,
Write, scream, sing or tell,
How an innocent child got dragged into hell.
Your expression will heal you,
Transform and reveal you,
The you that is strong, beautiful, and whole. -
A most precious light 
No darkness can control.

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