Lost Kid

art by sparrow

Lost kid, throw - away child,
They raped your mind,
Now you've gone wild.
Self destruct is your desire 
'Cause your brain's been trained to be a liar.
It tells you your worthless,
It tells you your small,
Undeserving of love, -
Any love at all.

Daddy sold you to the C.I.A.
The doctors there had games to play.
They wanted to see if they could find
A way to erase and reprogram your mind.
Electrocuted into outer space,
You left your body without a trace.
A swastika soldier, wearing a grin,
Opened your brain and climbed right in.

Tortured into believing their lies,
That your only value was between your thighs,
A porno plaything for the perverts lust,
They broke your heart and smashed your trust,
Silenced your voice and forced you to obey,
Then hid the memory of it all away.

But there's a fire in you they couldn't control
A flame of truth called your soul
A place of power in your heart and brain
Their perverted science can't contain.
A fighting spirit, a recognizer of truth,
A knowing within their lies can't pollute.
The truth that you are precious, powerful, and wise
And stronger than all of their swastika lies


2 responses to “Lost Kid”

  1. You have some very powerful poetry and artwork here, sparrow!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. sparrow4everfree Avatar

      I am so glad you think so! Thanks for your comment. 🙂 Sparrow

      Liked by 1 person

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