House of Chaos

artwork by sparrow

House of Chaos

Mom's screaming at me again.
I'm not sure what I did.
She's on empty, fired from within.
Love has gone and hid

A coat hanger symphony -
She's really got it in for me.
I made a sound she didn't like.
It split her last nerve, now it's time for a fight.
Beaten all over, I lay on my bed.
The pain will fade, but not her words in my head.

House of Chaos,
It's time for a fight.
Dad just got home and he's drunk again tonight.
He plays so rough, he plays so mean - 
The only attention in his drunkard scene.

The house is spotlessly clean and we are all groomed and well dressed
But it won't hide the screams,
Ridiculed for crying, I'm better off depressed.

The air is thick with tension - 
I'm waiting for something to go wrong.
An immaculate house of detention
And I'm singing a survival song.

Mom's praying for a change, but she's not allowed to flee.
Matrimony is a cage and the church stole the key.
Dad hates her for being a woman and for being his wife.
After all his mom did to him?
It's payback time -  for life.

House of Chaos
You better look right.
Mom just got home and she's ready for a fight.
They play so rough, they play so mean.
But at least it's attention.
And it's more than I've seen.


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