Project Paperclip

“The American government worked closely with Nazi war criminals and collaborators, allowing many of them to live in the United States after World War ll.” – New York Times, Jan 30, 2005.

Project Paperclip was a top secret U.S. intelligence program that brought over 1500 German scientists, doctors, and engineers to the United States after World War ll. Many of these German scientists and engineers were ardent Nazis and war criminals.

“The Reich surrendered on May 7, 1945. In 1946, President Truman authorized Project Paperclip [5][6] to exploit German scientists for American research, and to deny these intellectual resources to the Soviet Union. A 1999 report to the Senate and the House said that “between 1945 and 1955, 765 scientists, engineers, and technicians were brought to the US under Paperclip and similar programs. [7] Some of the reports bluntly pointed out that they were “ardent Nazis.” Some of the experts were accused of participating in murderous medical experiments on human subjects at concentration camps.” P. 2, 3, xi

“In 1947, President Truman specifically assigned the CIA responsibility for covert psychological operations. CIA personnel were not opposed to working with Nazi doctors who had proven to be proficient in breaking the mind and rebuilding it. In some cases military bases were used to hide these covert activities.” P. 7, xvii

“In January 1951, high commissioner of occupied Germany John McCloy [18] announced that only five of the 15 death sentences from the Nuremberg (trial) judgments would be carried out. He then reduced the sentences of 64 out of the remaining 74 war criminals. One third of these were to be released immediately. He also reduced the sentences of all remaining convicted doctors who had experimented on concentration camp inmates. McCloy had sat in Adolf Hitler’s box at the 1936 Olympic games in Berlin. P. 31″

“In 1979, John Loftus, working for the Office of Special Investigations, made a trip to Maryland to search the classified files for information on Nazi’s that had been brought into the country. He was astounded to find 20 underground vaults crammed floor to ceiling with classified files. [22] Loftus says that Nelson Rockefeller and Vice President Nixon supervised the cover-up and burial of these files so that President Eisenhower could claim “plausible deniability.” [23] In fact, years later when President Gerald Ford established a presidential commission to investigate the CIA, Vice-President Nelson Rockefeller was named to head it. [24] P. 34″

-excerpts from A Nation Betrayed by Carol Rutz

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