Angel of Blue Morphine

. . .
Angel of blue morphine,
she was only fourteen
when she was shooting blue
and turning tricks.
A loveless life, -
and her it picks.
A trick for a beer and a hit of crack, -
crushing her heart,
she didn't look back.
Raped by pain,
she could see mine,
though our eyes had only met
for the first time.
- My angel of blue morphine.

She cared at a moment
I couldn't speak.
She asked me
"How's it going?"
- My words in defeat.
Her face looked as beaten as her life,
and her love was an angel in my dark night.
She kissed me with kindness
and took me away
from the hell I felt trapped in that day.

She took me by the arm
and said: 
"Come with me".
She sat me down
and showed me how to be free.
She said - 
 "Go ahead, let it out, 
- tell me what it's all about".
She drew me out of a dungeon of pain,
then smiled and said -
"Now come back again".

 Love made you a goddess.
Love made you a queen.
The love you gave me 
touched and saved me
from a cruel, cruel, dream.
An angel came, to my surprise,
with a face torn by pain and lies.
She was a stranger who cared
and took me in.
I'll never forget you,
sweet angel of the end.

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