The Swastika Show

– drawing by sparrow

The Swastika Show

They seek to banish her soul,
An animal to control,
A mindless puppet for ritual and porn.
From seeds of hate a science is born.
Torturing mind, body, and soul.
"Who am I?" she cries.
"Why am I alive?"
Blank mind.  Terrified.
"Where am I?"   " Where did I go?"
Another empty vessel for the swastika show.

Killers contravene
Make a child a machine,
A robotic dream for the pervert's foul play.
Dirty old men with lots of money to pay.
Her sanity depends on her splitting away.

The mind in ruins,
Eclipsing her soul.
The body and head,
A cold dark hole.
The collapse of reason, expression, and time.
Pain is their violation,
Rape their crime.
Another child to use and throw away -
Brought to you by MK Ultra and the C.I.A.

They think they are so smart,
That their intellect rules.
But she and others survived to prove them fools.
Her spirit broke through the Nazi wall of lies.
Love kept her body and mind alive.

Love - 
A force the C.I.A.'s twisted minds can't comprehend.
It's power and strength, and how it can mend
The deepest pain, the most broken mind,
Leaving their science of violence behind.

                                                          - sparrow

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